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NYRx, the Medicaid Pharmacy Program

NYRx Education & Outreach

NYRx Education & Outreach

On April 1, 2023, the prescription drug benefit for all Medicaid members enrolled in a Mainstream Managed Care Plan, Health and Recovery Plan (HARP), and HIV-Special Needs Plan (HIV-SNP) was transitioned to NYRx, the Medicaid Pharmacy Program. In addition to the existing Medicaid member and provider helplines, starting Monday, April 3, there is a dedicated team, led by Magellan, to support care coordination.

The Education and Outreach team serves as a liaison between the Managed Care Plans and NYRx to support care coordination. Clinical liaisons are trained to support and help solve complex pharmacy cases for:

  • Managed Care Plans
  • Case workers and New York State agencies
  • Prescribers and pharmacies with questions regarding NYRx drug coverage, prior approval requirements, and NYRx enrolled pharmacies
  • Complex care coordination for populations such as HIV/AIDS, Hemophilia, Foster Care children, Serious Mental Illness, Substance Use Disorder, and Hepatitis C

To contact the Education and Outreach team call (833) 967-7310. The call center is available Monday through Friday 8am until 5pm ET.

NYRx program-related questions and non-member-specific questions can be emailed to NYRxEO@magellanhealth.com.

Office Hours

Virtual support drop-in sessions are offered every week for pharmacy stakeholders to ask questions related to NYRx and care coordination

  • Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) office hours hosted via Zoom from 12pm-1pm ET every Monday and Wednesday
  • Office hours hosted via Zoom from 12pm-1pm ET every Tuesday and Thursday for the following:
    • Pharmacy providers and prescribers
    • Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS)
    • Office of Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG)
    • New York Blood Center
    • Foster Care
    • AIDS Institute and stakeholders


The Education and Outreach team hosts weekly live training webinars which focus on different areas of the NYRx program. Starting May 26, the webinar will focus on the following programs:

  • Preferred Drug Program
  • Brand Less Than Generic

Pharmacy providers and prescribers are encouraged to attend these webinars to learn more about NYRx. No registration is required to attend. Join the Education & Outreach team via Zoom every Friday from 12pm-1pm ET.

View the presentation for NYRx, the Medicaid Pharmacy Program: PDP and BLTG.


Date Title
05/30/23 30-Day Countdown - NYRx Transition Fill Period Ending
05/16/23 Reminder: Preferred Diabetic Supply Program (PDSP)
05/05/23 Reminder: Brand Less Than Generic (BLTG) Program
04/28/23 NYRx Education and Outreach for Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)
04/28/23 NYRx Education and Outreach for Providers