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NYRx, the Medicaid Pharmacy Program

Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) Information

Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) Information

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Information for Pharmacists - SMAC Program

NYRx pharmacy providers can request for a SMAC price review. Pharmacy providers may submit a SMAC Price Research Request form located below along with a copy of the invoice listing the current acquisition cost for the product(s) in question to Magellan Medicaid Administration via fax (888-656-1951) or email (StateMACProgram@primetherapeutics.com).

New York Medicaid SMAC Updates List - Posted 5/23/2024
New York Medicaid SMAC Price Research Request Form

The New York Medicaid SMAC prices are occasionally overridden by other factors in the New York Medicaid reimbursement algorithm. Current prices for all covered NDCs can be found at the New York Formulary File website.